Who We are?

Medra Arabia is Saudi company established in 2008 to provide nitrogen services for oil & gas, pipeline and other industries.

Medra Arabia operates several nitrogen generation systems that can deliver continues supply of nitrogen gas at high purity without interruption. Medra own at patent nitrogen delivery system that bring differentiation solution to customers.

With dedicated and experienced work force, Medra has successfully delivered outstanding several nitrogen and pipeline services to Saudi Aramco since 2011.

Medra Arabia offering Wide variety of cost – effective and efficient nitrogen services.

Medra Arabia provides Nitrogen Services for Under Balance Drilling, Well Stimulation and Well Lifting in a continuous stream of nitrogen gas at desired pressure without downtime or delays.

Medra Arabia provides pipeline services such as Mothballing, Purging, Drying, Hydrostatic Testing, Chemical Cleaning, Inerting, Nitrogen Packing and Preservation.

Medra Arabia supply nitrogen gas & provides nitrogen services for process and power plants during turnaround / shutdowns activities. Services such as system inerting, Pneumatic testing, Nitro-Testing, Tank Blanketing. Also, Medra provides hydrotesting, flushing, Degassing, Drying, and Chemical Cleaning.

Medra Arabia offer in a rental basis fluid pumping equipment, pressure testing pumps, mobile nitrogen units, oil free compressors, and booster compressors.