Medra has Mobile Nitrogen Generators that can deliver a guaranteed, uninterrupted, on-demand supply of high quality of nitrogen gas for a wide range of uses. Our trailer mounted and containerised membrane generators are highly mobile, low-maintenance, reliable, environmentally friendly, simple and safe to operate.

They are designed to perform in harsh environmental condition and are especially beneficial over cryogenic systems for remote and logistically challenging locations where the delivery of liquid nitrogen is often too difficult and costly. The losses and hazards associated with the storage, transport and handling of cryogenic liquids do not apply to membrane nitrogen systems.

Nitrogen is used in well applications to reduce the weight of fluid in the wellbore. Nitrogen is pumped through coil tubing. As the nitrogen gas flows up, it expands and reduces the weight of fluid in the column, allowing the well to flow.

Our Nitrogen Generator Units has capabilities to supply nitrogen at purities of 90% – 99% with a wide range of flows ranging from 500 scfm – 1,800 scfm at pressures from 300 psig – 5000 psig. Our unit is certified zone 2 for offshore operations.

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Have questions? Request Quote

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