Waste Management Services

Drilling Fluids Waste Management


Deliverables and Outcomes:

  • Reduce initial fluid use
  • Recycle and reuse fluids
  • Recover fluids
  • Treat waste
  • Dispose responsibly
  • Minimize  waste
  • Reduce costs and liability

Drilling operation produces two major wastes which are produced water and drilling waste. The drilling waste must be properly managed to ensure no impact to the environment.

Be mindful of your waste and its effect on the environment.



Bentomat Pit Liners


During a trial we lined both the waste pit and the freshwater pit. The liner in the pits was a successful in eliminating seepage into the sand and saving huge amount of fresh water.

Medra Arabia offers self-sealing Bentomat Pit Liners, the liners are unique as they will repair themselves when punctured.






They are made of polymer fibers to hold clay material (Bentonite) together as the barrier:

  • Fast and easy to install.

  • Self-Repairing if punctured.

  • High chemical resistance.

  • Resistance to differential settlement.

  • Nontoxic and accepted by global environmental legislations.


Mechanical Evaporators

We successfully evaporated waste fluid reducing waste haul-off.

Portable evaporation systems to help dispose of excess waste fluid. Each unit can evaporate up to 500-800 BBLS of water per day:

  • No waste water haul-off.

  • No disposal contained on site.

  • Cost effective.

  • No environmental discharge, transport, treatment or disposal cost.

  • Portable / can be setup & operational within hours of arrival.



We successfully treated discarded drilling mud recycling it back for use in the active system.

Reduce Waste Fluid Generated from Drilling Operations and Recover/ Reuse Discarded Waste Fluid Generated from Drilling Operations.




Go green with our  world-class waste Management solutions:

  • Reduce Waste Generated from Drilling.

  • Recycle fluids to reduce water consumption.

  • Reduce mud haul off and disposal costs.

  • Reduce mud costs.

  • Reduce Mud Density without Expensive Dilution.

  • Reduces reserve pits size.


Oil Skimming

Remove oil from the surface of process water and wastewater with oil skimmers.

Medra Arabia offers Oil Skimming services, the Foilex Skimmers have proven to be an excellent unit for rapid deployment and efficient oil removal. Adjustable wear for thick nor thin layers:

  • Mobile and very easy to Install with no Electrical or air power required.

  • Removes oil from Evaporator ponds.

  • Reduces Contamination of other waste.


Cuttings Stabilization

We successfully treated OBM cuttings meeting ARAMCO discharge limits of 1%> Oil & Grease.

The CSU dries & stabilizes cuttings to a manageable handling state and encapsulates contaminates to help prevent leaching at disposal sites or when stabilized cuttings are used as fill material for new locations or sub-roadbed.

The Stabilization/Solidification systems provide an effective method for processing oil-base & water Base waste producing an environmentally safe, dry material that is acceptable for onsite burial, land farming or disposal at an approved waste facility.


Thermomechanical Cuttings Cleaners (TCC)

Medra Arabia has teamed with one of the international technology leaders to conduct its TCC services.

Our service partner has been handling and processing oil-based cuttings for more than 12 years and has treated in excess of 300,000 tones. As a part of corporate, Medra Arabia conduct a complete service for the management of oil-based cuttings from containment, transportation, treatment through to assistance with the final disposal of the treated solids.

The treated cuttings typically have < 0.2%wt oil.


  • Efficient oil recovery.

  • Environmentally friendly.

  • High through-put.

  • Mobility and a small footprint.