Upstream & Well Services

Zero Flaring Packages


Deliverables and Outcomes:

  • Management of frac flow back
  • Zero flaring clean up
  • Inline wellhead sand filtering
  • Early production facilities management

Sand production is an increasing problem as fields age, reducing productivity and increasing wear on both plant and equipment.

If your field ages, sand production falls, productivity levels fall, your equipment starts wearing out...Chaos ensues.

Medra Arabia Flowback prides itself on providing our clients an innovated sand management system with the most technologically advanced including Engineering modeling, Pre-job study, Onsite installation and operations to manage solids and sand products with the flow stream.

This capability allows us to monitor sand production levels, providing our clients with a clear vision on how to best produce their well and prevent downstream damages.

Medra Arabia zero flaring system has a wide range of solutions that cover all challenges occurring in today’s market.