Upstream & Well Services

Well Stimulation & Associated Services


Deliverables and Outcomes:

  • Well displacement
  • Gas lift
  • Wellbore jetting
  • Underbalanced drilling
  • Coiled tubing operations
  • Well clean out
  • Stuck drill pipe
  • Nitrified acids assists
  • Foam cementing assists
  • Fracturing applications

Medra Arabia Provides Specialized associated services to optimize well stimulation operations.

Medra Arabia has a fleet of trailer mounted and containerized membrane generators with capacities to supply nitrogen at purities of 95% – 99.5% with a wide range of flows ranging from 500 scfm – 1,800 scfm at pressures from 300 psig – 5000 psig.

Medra Arabia has a fleet of trailers that are mounted with containerized membrane generators...this, coupled with other stimulation services, will boost your well's performance once again.

Our goal is committed to providing the optimal performance to help you on offering comprehensive Nitrogen Pumping and Storage services for any high pressure needs for any type of oil and gas wells.