Pipeline Integrity Management

Intelligent Pigging (I-Pigging)


Deliverables and Outcomes:

  • Corrosion and metal loss
  • Inspection analysis
  • Pipeline corrosion map
  • Field report
  • Cracks and anomalies
  • Feature dictionary
  • Machine learning (PIPE ML)

Smart pigging provides several advantages over traditional forms of pipeline inspection. It allows pipelines to be cleaned and inspected without having to stop the flow of product.

Medra Arabia with Professional R&D team offers proven, industry-accepted pipeline integrity engineering practices that support inline inspection through to pipeline pigging, gauging and cleaning as well as risk-based inspection regimes and fitness for service evaluation.

"Up here in the Kingdom, When your pipelines stopworking,You stop working.

We will decrease that to the theoretical minimum."

Our Intelligent pigging system can identify pipeline trend, deformation, corrosion, crack, and surroundings, and also provide reliable pipeline management solutions for clients and help them integrate comparative data to fully understand the pipeline operation and development situation by using sensors like Magnetic Flux Leakage or Ultrasonic.