Midstream & Downstream Services

Nitrogen & Pipeline Services


Deliverables and Outcomes:

  • Nitrogen supply and services
  • Pipeline cleaning, flushing, flooding, progressive pigging and gauging
  • Pipeline dewatering, decruding and drying using N2 or air.
  • Pipeline hydrostatic and pneumatic testing
  • Nitrogen leak detection
  • Pneumatic and nitro testing
  • Pipeline dewatering and purging
  • Special chemical and mechanical cleaning
  • Subsea remote pigging and testing and dewatering
  • Pipeline preservation and mothballing
  • Accelerated cool downs

Get all of your Nitrogen and Pipelines operations covered ... just set it with us and focus on what matters.

At Medra Arabia, we are proud to tell people our business is not only built on a foundation of skilled, experienced and specialist employees, but is also formed around our innovative and unique service offerings over the past ten years. we are among the top pipeline maintenance solutions provider in the kingdom.

Our services are utilized across the spectrum of Pipeline and Facility maintenance, Nitrogen services, Pigging, Smart Pigging, Purging, Drying, Pressure Testing, Abandonment, Pre and Decommissioning.

The Medra Arabia Nitrogen Production System (NPU), Pumping units and ISO Tube Trailers (ITC) are capable of ‎supplying customers with nitrogen produced directly from air at a close location to key points of use. Our equipment is manned by professional Service ‎Operators. Operators are specially trained in the safe and efficient operation ‎of the units and various nitrogen applications.‎These specialized units in conjunction with knowledgeable personnel ‎is a major advantage for our clients.















"Just point at your pipeline's key locations and we'll pump pure N2 into it, Medra Arabia can move in quickly, pumping nitrogen at variable rates and pressures.‎"

Whether customer requirements are based on a long or short service ‎time, the entire Medra Arabia team stands ready to deliver a fast, cost effective, and ‎professional service. ‎To ensure all our units are delivered to the customer sites in peak condition, Medra practices a rigorous quality plan to provide high performing equipment.

All equipment is skid mounted, easily transported over land or sea, and will be available for short- and ‎long-term supplyEach unit is equipped with a comprehensive control unit that monitors the purity and flow ‎pressures, sustaining the desired performance of the unit.