Nitrogen Membrane Technology

ISO N2 Mobile Tube Trailers


Medra Arabia awarded a United States Patent for our exclusive tube trailers servicing Saudi Arabia.

How the system Works

Our system will generate Nitrogen gas directly on our company facilities using mobile Nitrogen units. Then Nitrogen is filled in ISO tube trailers as shown in the sketch. Nitrogen can be also delivered directly from Nitrogen membrane unit if a continuous nitrogen gas is required.




Nitrogen Capacity

140,000 SCFM at desired purity. Equivalent to 1506 gallons of N2 liquid

Discharge Pressure

50 to 2500 PSI

Nitrogen Purity

Can be filled with desired nitrogen purity

Operating Temperature  

-40°F to +122°F

Total storage Capacity  

ISO N2 TC with total storage 925,000SCF, Equivalent to 8500 gallons of N2 liquid.