Nitrogen Membrane Technology

Medra offers reliable Mobile Nitrogen Membrane Unit for routine maintenance, Pipeline Purging, turnarounds, and shutdowns, Well stimulation and underbalance Drilling services.

The large volume capacity of our equipment helps minimize transportation costs and traffic congestion by producing Nitrogen directly from air at a close location to the ‎major point of use. Equipment and Units are manned by professional Service Equipment ‎Operators. Service Equipment Operators are specially trained in the safe and efficient operation ‎of the units and various nitrogen applications.

All equipment is skid mounted, easily transported over land or sea, and will be available for short- and ‎long-term supply.

Medra NPU is self-contained within a 40 ft sea container - ensuring the most ‎economical shipping costs and ease of transportation. ‎



• Oil and Gas Operations 

• Plant Refineries

• Gas Storage Facilities 

• Pipeline Purge/Drying/Mothballing

• Petrochemical Plants

• Well Site Operations